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邻近 Stockholm, Stockholm (Ruoŧŧa)

A tack through Stockholms oldest history.


This was the main square in the old town of Stockholm. Look Around. All the streets lead away from the square towards the docks. Why does the streets lead to the docks? Find the red and white building. Look at the white stones. Each one of the stones represent a person who was slaughter in the big blood bath of Stockholm 1520. 94 people died, it was the danish kings way of taking control over Sweden.

Storkyrkan (Big Church)

The church was founded on this place in 1264 under the king Birger Jarl. It has been used since the 14 century for coronations and weddings for the kings in Sweden. In the church there is a statue of Saint Göran and the dragon. Do you know this legend, it is very common around Europe? What do think it is about? It is said that the face of Saint Göran is a replica of king Sten Sture the older. Why do kings but them self in the middle of old legends?


This street was from the begin called "The long street west of the city wall", but already in the 14 century the city was to big and moved outside the walls. Västerlånggatan became a street within the city. Over the house number 46 there is a fire safety mark. I case of a fire in the city only the houses with this mark would be saved by the fire department. Why would the city be at risk of fires? Look at the old map over Gamla stan and today's map. Can you tell which areas was destroyed during the big fire of 1625? How can you tell?

Nygatan (The new street)

This street is called the New Street in Swedish. It was built after the big fire of 1625. What is the differens between these parts of Gamla Stan and the older parts? This hole area is built on land fillings from Gamla stan, mostly grabbige. In Sweden we use the phrase " Look up" when we want to warn somebody about something. This phrase comes from Gamla stan. You were obligated to shout "Look up" before you through out your garbbige through the window onto the street.

Start waypoint

We start our wikiloc walk from here. We hope you will have a nice walk through old town.


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