2,494 m
1,566 m
7.68 km

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邻近 Artanish, Gegharkʼunikʼ (አርሜኒያ)

Divants is a mountain with the hight of 2443 m in relation to sea level.
It's located in Gegharkunik provimce, near the lake Sevan.
--We hiked it in February as this mountain is mosly lack of snow and this region is very good for winter hiking on condition the weather is good.
--During the ascent you'll have a fantastic view of the lake Sevan.
--There is no any ''constuction'' or other ''signs'' on the top, so it's important to have GPS while ascending this mountain.
--We made a ''loop'' starting form Artanish village and finish our trail at the shores of the lake Sevan.

The length of the trail is 7,7 km.


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