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邻近 Highlands Mobile Home Park, California (United States)

I previously uploaded a partial of this hike. However, I didn't previously make it all of the way to pyles peak. The additional hike over the pyles peak is worth it if you want to burn some extra calories, and hike in a quieter area. Very few people continue beyond the cowles mountain peak. The views are not much different so don't expect anything out of the ordinary as far as views. However, there is a lot more vegetation on the trail so the flowers were nice coupled with the fact that there were fewer people on this section of trail. In some areas both sides of the trail are covered with large bushes that were blooming at the time and for some short part of the hike there was even a canopy of vegetation. It's actually downhill and uphill from Cowles so be prepared for some elevation change that goes both ways. The very last part is very steep and the last section of trail up to the next peak is not very well maintained. I'll rate this a difficult only because of the fact that there is a significant elevation change, and at the time the trails were in bad shape. Cowles mountain is being shutdown at this point due to trail maintenance so hopefully that will result in significant improvements. There are other ways to hike cowles mountain as well so the pyles peak part of the hike is still possible via a different route. As you can see, I came down from pyles peak via a slightly different way that was easier and less steep in my opinion. If you follow this track, then I recommend that you go up and back the way that I came down from the peak. That trail is in better shape and a bit less step. However, I missed it on the way up because it is difficult to see where the trail splits.

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    Was a moderate hike, I like that not many people continue to pyles peak.its much more quiet!:)the hill at end of pyles peak will help you burn some calories!!

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