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1,243 m
1,066 m
4.95 km

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邻近 El Cercado, Canarias (España)

This short hike starts in Chipude and provides some great views without needing a lot of time. The climb up La Fortaleza is short but steep and rocky. You’ll have to do some clambering and will find yourself pretty close to some long drops, so it is not a hike for those with limited agility or a fear of heights. For the rest, though, the ridge at the top is almost a rock bridge, and the views from each side of the summit are pretty amazing. Make sure you follow the trail all the way to the end to get the best panoramic.

The Rother guide starts this hike in the little village of Chimude, and that is probably where it is easiest to park, but if you want to shorten it further you could easily knock off another kilometre each way by driving a past to where the trail starts to climb. You can’t really miss it.

The trail starting just outside Chipude


View back to Chipude


Getting a little rocky


Yeah, you have to cross that


What we thought was the end, but then realized it is not


Historic sacrificial spot


Across that is the real end


The small loop around the top

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