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邻近 Loma de Zaragoza, Guanajuato (Mexico)

"La Bufa" is the probably the prominent geographic feature in Guanajuato city and the most climbed. It is a relatively easy climb and the panoramic views from the top are outstanding.

While I start at the Colonia Universitaria, just above the Panoramica, There is a more commonly used parking lot next to an Electrical Substation a further west on the Panoramic near the Hospital.

And, while this destination is usually done as an 'up and down', after climbing the summit, this route returns by traversing east along a series of small hills, then following a trail down to Pres de la Olla, just west of 'El Faro', the lighthouse. Alternatively, you can hike to Calderones, easily visible from the traverse and return by bus to Guanajuato. More adventurous hikers can follow the steep canyon to the southeast of Presa de la Olla but there is one tricky section near the bottom of get around a waterfall.
Start of the trail in the Colonia Universitaria. Head up into the Colonia, keeping left at the first fork and look for a fence next to this yellow home (and usually a few cars parked here). The trail traverses to the right.
The trail is following a gravel road/track until it turns sharply left just after the caves and a shrine dedicated to San Ignacio.
A shrine dedicated to San Ignacio (Catholic Saint Ignatius). Every July 31, a mass is held here. Sometimes this day is referred to as "Dia de la Cueva" (Cave Day) in Guanajuato.
Guanajuato in the distance.
Looking south. This knoll is the highest point in this area. It is a little tricky to get up but worth it (although I haven’t mapped it yet).
From the peak looking west towards Guanajuato and the State Finance building complex.
While I photographed these returning, these stairs are carved into the rock, offering easy access to the summit.
Looking across Guanajuato with "La Crucera" on the other side.
Guanajuato from the ridge
These can also be accessed easily from Calderones.
Looking back west at one of the hills to the east of La Bufa. Our road veered a little away from the edge at this point but, there are great vistas from there if you choose to take a ten minute sidetrip. You can see an access to an abandoned mine in the side of the hill.
Looking back up the route showing it had been 'carved' out of the hillside many years ago.
Looking west towards Guanajuato
Arriving at Presa de la Olla and the Parque Las Acacias with a statue of Don Miguel Allende.


  • Balazs S. 2018-10-14

    Was a nice track! Thanks for sharing :)

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    Decortz 2019-5-14

    ¿Se puede hacer solo esta ruta? ¿O sabes de un guía?

You can or this trail