Moving time  2 hours 33 minutes

Time  3 hours 10 minutes

Coordinates 1741

Uploaded 2017年11月23日

Recorded 十一月 2017

697 m
276 m
10.3 km

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near Naeryong, Ulsan (South Korea)

I would finish the hike at East gate as the hike to South gate was not so interesting and the climb to Seokbulsa very steep and best avoided.

Start by taking the metro to Beomeosa temple, and then ask for directions to bus #90 to the temple. Beomeosa is not really interesting and you can got the trail immediately. It's a long climb to the North gate but from there it's a great walk with marvellous died
Views to the East gate where you can catch a bus back to the city.

As always, water, snacks and warm clothes are a must

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  • Thaliss_gondzor 2018-10-28


    Did you go to Seokbulsa directly from the South gate? Or did you go from south gate-cablecar station-seokbulsa?

    How long in total took you the whole route until you reached teh cable car to go back to the city? we are also planning to do this hike in november and are a little bit worried about the timing as the sun goes down early.

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,


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