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邻近 Garden Valley (historical), California (United States)

The southern section of Bullards Bar Trail, from Dark Day Picnic Area to the southern end at Vista Point and a section of the 8 ball trail.

A very pretty trail ending in a fine dam view and a good lower elevation hike for the cooler months.

The forest surrounding the lake is an often dense mix of evergreen and deciduous trees. The trail has a lot of shade, frequent filtered lake views and side trails to the lake. Leaves carpet the trail in many places but it isn’t steep enough for that to be a problem.

The trail is mostly flat but the slope to the lake is often steep. This track is less than half of the official trails and there are more unofficial ones. Much of this trail is single track that is narrow in some places, with sections of dirt and paved roads. It is well maintained and has fairly good signage.

The water level in the lake was low so we took a detour walking along the bank. It was easy going along the “benches” formed by waves but trickier when combining a steep bank with crumbly dirt / rock or slippery mud. The geology of the bank was varied and interesting and worth the side trip.

This section of 8 ball trail was mostly screened from Marysville Road though not as scenic as the Bullards Bar Trail along the lake. Next time I’d do an out and back instead of using 8 ball to make a loop.

I hear this trail is popular with bikes and the lake with skiers. It had just cooled off and rained so we had the area almost to ourselves.

There are good paved roads to both ends of this track and lots of parking. There are no fees and there is water and toilets at both ends.