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304 m
3.69 km

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邻近 Picos, São Salvador do Mundo (Republic of Cabo Verde)

Picos - Kaza di Marli

Santiago is a beautiful place to hike.

The island is inhabited by an authentic mestizo population blessed with a rich musical culture.The island has impressive peaks, such as the “Pico da Antonia" and the peaks at the natural park " Serra Malagueta”.There are white beaches such as Tarrafal and these contrast with lush tropical vegetation of “wilderness areas”.

You can walk over (mule) paths through amazing landscapes. Exotic banana terraced fields, sugarcane fields and coffee plantations. Papaya and coconut trees alternate with flamboyant jacarandas.

The best time to visit the Cape Verde islands to walk is between November and May In summer it is hot and sometimes there is heavy rainfall.


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