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邻近 Lai Chi Van (Macao)

Asia Trip
This was a late travel decision to hit some Asia high points so I planned it as a ten day whirlwind tour of Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. The aim being to have a bit of fun, see sites and drink beer but also to hike the high points of Singapore (Bukit Timah Hill 172m) Hong Kong (Tai Mo Shan 957m) and Macau (Alto Coloane 176m). Not the highest peaks but Hong Kong looked promising with some good potential hikes. I also intended to get in other additional peaks including Victoria Peak (HP of Hong Kong Island 554m), Lantau Peak (HP OF Lantau Island 934m) and to hike the Dragon's Back, apparently Hong Kong’s best 10km walk.

Alto Coloane, Taipei, 176m, 19.2.2019
This was an interesting outing. I caught the ferry from HK Island to Macau just off Sheung Wan on the MTR 170HKD or £17 and this ferry took an hour to get to Taipei Island. Here I caught the island bus which takes you to the entrance to Seac Pai Van Park, Coloane.
The park is pretty cool and I paid the equivalent of £10(ish) to see the Macau Pandas which was rather lovely before starting my walk. The walk then starts directly behind the Panda Pavilion. I won’t give directions as I made the route up as I went along so simply follow my GPX trail if you wish. My plan was to take in the A Ma Buddhist temple on the way to the top, which I did and which was also very cool. The HP is not far from the temple 15 minutes and is rather an indistinct concrete block with a point on it. From here I simply walked back down the road to the Panda Pavilion. If you wanted to you can get a nice 8km walk here on the Coloane Trail but I wanted to go to other places so did not have the time.
All in all it was a hot humid 4km hike in 1hr 7mins with 215m of height gain. Not many hikes you can say have a panda pavilion at the start, a buddhist temple half way up and a country HP all within 4km.


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