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220 m
10.13 km

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Short day hike to Jimba-san

I knew for about 10 days I would have to keep watch on my son for the day so rather than being under house arrest I opted for a short hike. Last time Louis was able to walk a few hundred meters at a time at best because there were lots of ups and downs so this time I chose a trail with only monotonous slopes on the way to the summit, likewise for the downhill. That and the fact it needs to be reasonably close and here were are, set for a hike to Jimba from Jimba kogen shita bus stop.

From Takao station a crowd had formed in front of the bus stop and I was worried we might not be able to get a ride. It turns out that more than half of these people were elderlies going somewhere close and were asked to ride another bus so we had a spot in the bus. From the bus stop we first followed a road along a river. I deeply regret even now having chosen to bring a compact camera instead of my usual equipment (to save 2 kilos) because there were great shots to be taken and with low light compact cameras only produce plain shit not to mince words.

Because a typhoon swept through Japan and dumped large quantities of rain in Kyushu Shikoku and Nagano 2 days before I was weary about the trail condition. However the expected rainfall around Tokyo amounted to close to nothing so the trail was not even muddy except for isolated stretches were streams on the side somehow connected to the main stream via the hiking trail.

Although it didn't feel outrageously hot, it was extremely humid and we all suffered from the heat. Hopefully the trail was entirely in the forest and trees offered a good protection agains the sun. At the summit a few restaurants were selling kakigori and ice creams, I hesitated for a split second between a local speciality (Yuzu sherbet) and the usual kakigori before deciding to get both.

After lunch at the summit, I attached the harness to Louis and he surprised everybody by running at a steady pace for the best part of 2 kilometers. I had to carry him a little bit and motivate him as much as I could during the last third but he was remarkably fast for his age. After that I put him back in the baby carrier.

Once we reached the road I failed to notice the trail on the other side and I decided not to go on the ridge opposite the road because we would have had to go uphill some more. It was too hot for such fantasies especially since Louis was sleeping so we walked on concrete the last 3 kilometers to Fujino station.

Overall it was a very hot day but a nice hike just after a typhoon. Going for a compact camera instead of the usual DSLR to save 2 kg was a mistake...

More pictures here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a6989w8oe5p1b44/AACZ6qGC2CyYz5ZQesTZrgbTa