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184 m
28.38 km

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邻近 Sōgayato, Tōkyō (Japan)

My original plan was to ride the last train to Takaosan guchi and set for a long 40-km hike all the way to Okutama lake along the Sasa ridge, with the first 5 hours in the dark… however it didn't happen the way I wanted.

In fact I started after riding the first train at 6:15 AM and around 11 AM I got a message asking me to come back home ASAP. In the end I did only half the Sasa ridge and in total "only" walked / run 28 km. Also I had a bad cold and I was coughing every 30 seconds and weaker than usual, and there was no snow when I made my plan (so I expected to be faster)

From Takaosan guchi station early morning there is already a handful of hikers and when I got to the ever crowded Takao-san shortly before 7:00 AM there was even more people but it was still very reasonable. Some have spent the night in tents and the others I don't understand how they could have been at the summit before me as I was quite fast.
I got to the summit about 15 minutes too late for the sunrise, there were trees blocking the view until getting to the very top so it was a bit frustrating. The view was great (clear visibility, no clouds) towards both Tokyo and Fuji / Tanzawa.

The start of the trail towards Jinba has a few vantage points offering pretty much the same view of the Tanzawa mountains dominated by Fuji. The South Alps are also visible. All these snow-covered mountains made me wonder why I chose to go some place with barely 10cm at best.

The trail has a very gentle slope with many ups and downs up to Jinba (5 hours from Takao according to the signs, 4 hours according to the map) after than the trail becomes steeper up to Mikuni (my final summit of the day)

There was a bit of snow, mostly packed around Jinba and after that less traffic made for better conditions, however it was not enough to really have fun.

On the way down I chose an escape route to return to Tokyo as fast as I could. At the end it connected with a hideous forest road with a good 20-degree slope made of concrete. It was slippery and hard on the knees. Then I got to a bus stop and realized I had to wait for 1 hour and 15 minutes… so I walked the 5 kilometers to the station, very unpleasant but still better than waiting.

Overall it was relatively disappointing but the good weather and nice views made up for it. Best of all was the satisfaction to pass a trail runner as I was just walking on a steep uphill.

Total map time: 11:20
Actual time: 7:10 = map time * 63 %

More pictures here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dtzgvxm6unx8xis/nFFYi2tiEL