• 的照片 Triveni Mandir.
  • 的照片 Triveni Mandir.
  • 的照片 Triveni Mandir.
  • 的照片 Triveni Mandir.
  • 的照片 Triveni Mandir.
  • 的照片 Triveni Mandir.

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邻近 Iere, Princes Town (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

The Triveni Mandir has a very long and thoroughly interesting history. Triveni Mandir is located in the village of Hardbargain just outside Williamsville, Trinidad. The exact co-ordinates of the mandir is 10.31825°N and -61.35487°W.
A cultural organisation was formed in 1946 that spanned the villages of St. Julien, Dyers Village, and Hardbargain. Most of the members were involved in Ramayan Satsangh every Saturday night. As needs grew they formed a base for their activities in 1948 when land was donated by the late Roopnarine Singh for the erection of a “Kutiya.” Many activities took place in the kutie and over years it expanded. In the 1960’s the place was called the Sister’s Road Hindu Temple. The formal structure was completed in 1974 and its name was changed to “Triveni.” They say that this name originated because this was the meeting place of the three villages of Sister’s Road, St. Julien, and Dyers Village. Incidentally, in India the point where the Ganga, Jamuna, and Saraswati meet is called “Triveni.”
In April 2001 construction started on a new structure. This was completed in November 2003. The opening ceremony for the rebuilt mandir commenced in October 2003 where pujas were conducted on 10 consecutive days to perform the installation ceremony for the murtis that adorn this marvellous structure. A ramayan yagna that commenced on November 16th, 2003 formally marked the opening of the rebuilt mandir.
This driving trail starts at the corner of Garth Road and the Naparima-Mayaro Road in Iere Village at 10.28226°N and -61.38218°W. Proceed heading 58° along Garth Road. The road is ain a very bad state of dis-repair so go slow. Along several segments of this road there are pineapple fields just to the east of the path. Turn 340° at the Williamsville Junction onto the Guaracara-Tabaquite Road. This is located at 10.31189°N and -61.38015°W. This road will take you to Tabaquite and beyond. Along this road you’ll find “street food” like doubles and so on. Continue straight on at 10.32800°N and -61.37210°W heading 116°. Turn heading 105° at the junction located at 10.32754°N and -61.36991°W. Then at the Sister's Road junction located at 10.31954°N and -61.36422°W turn heading 51°. The Triveni Mandir lies just a few metres up this short stretch of road on your right. It’s also worthwhile to stop at the St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church along here. It’s located at 10.31913°N and -61.35643°W. The exact co-ordinates of the mandir is 10.31825°N and -61.35487°W. There are ample places for parking on both sides of the roadway.
Follow the way you came in on your way out. I chose to turn 255° onto the Iere Village Branch Road located at 10.29404°N and -61.37488°W. This road is better for driving than the Garth Road and also leads directly back onto the Naparima-Mayaro Road in Iere Village at 10.28834°N and -61.38717°W. Turn heading 173° here and follow the Naparima-Mayaro Road back to the start point. The other, more "interesting" option is to continue heading East along Sister's Road until the junction with the Torrib-Tabaquite Road. From here you'd head South into George Village, just East of St. Julien then proceed West along the Naparima-Mayaro Road.
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