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邻近 Vicuña, Coquimbo (Chile)

Elqui Valley is located in Elqui province, in Coquimbo region, Chile. This valley benefits from water resources and long sun periods during the year, which makes it a real good place for export grapes and for the elaboration of Pisco which is a schnapps produced by distillation of the wine made from different varieties like Moscatel de Alejandría, Moscatel Rosada, Torontel, Pedo Jimenez y Moscatel de Austria and it only can be produced in the regions of Atacama and Coquimbo.
Also this place has one of the clearest skys of the south hemisphere, reason why some international organizations have astronomics observatories.
The main city of the valley is Vicuña, the birth place of the poetee Gabriela Mistral, winner of the literature Nobel Prize in 1945.
This place is one of the most touristics destinys in the small north of Chile and it has many touristic atractions like Museum Gabriela Mistral, vineyard Cavas del Valle, Pisco Capel cooperative and some others smallers Pisco cellars.
This route is suitable for the whole family and it is recommended to bring sunscreen and enough water in addition to sunglasses and hat to protect against the high solar radiation of the zone

Cooperativa Capel

Created in 1938 in Elqui Valley. Today it is made up of more than 1300 grape producers. The cooperative has 9 grape reception plants with a crushing capacity of more than two hundred million kilos per year http://www.cooperativacapel.cl/historia/

Pisquera Aba

Since 1921 Alberto Aguirre Taborga, a descendant of the Spanish conquistador, buys the Fundo San Juan property in El Arenal and produces pisco under his own brand. His son Juan Antonio Aguirre Cortés continues the tradition and enlarges it by participating actively in the industry. Subsequently his grandson, Alejandro Aguirre Basulto, initiates the export and development of brands. http://pisquera-aba.cl/

Celler Cavas del valle

Firstly, it is the northern most in Chile (that means, the winery with the strongest sun), it is one of the smallest Chilean wineries, the one with the highest altitude, located (1.080 m above sea level). Besides, the climate is almost desert type, with long, 6 summer months, and extreme dryness. Tourists are attended directly by the owners, which show you the facilities and serve wine samples while you relax in an enchanting “pergola” and, finally, the winery is located in the delightful, mystic, and perfect climate of the High Elqui Valley, surrounded by silent mountains and crowned with the unrivalled nobility of the purest sky, breathtakingly deep blue during the day and magically clear & star spangled at night, (a fact reinforced with the presence of 5 huge international observatories located nearby.) Cavas del Valle operates inside an ancient “adobe” building that has been lovingly restored, and filled with modern art pieces. In this winerie you can find dry and sweet wines from different varieties like Syrah, Moscatel rosada y Moscatel pastilla. http://www.cavasdelvalle.cl/

Gabriela Mistral School

In the heart of the Elqui Valley lies the small town of Montegrande, where Gabriela Mistral spent part of her childhood and in which she was buried. The house where she lived, called today "Casa de Gabriela Mistral" was very simple, a small adobe construction of one floor, typical of the sector, nestled in the skirt of a hill.

Los Nichos Distillery

"Fundo los Nichos" is the oldest distillery in Chile. Established in 1868 is the last artesanal cellar who keeps the traditicional elaboration formula of "agua ardiente", pisco and sweet wines, tipical from Elqui Valley. http://www.fundolosnichos.cl/

Monte Grande Square

Montegrande is a Chilean town located in the interior of Elqui Valley, within the commune of Paihuano. It was declared National Monument in the category of Typical Zone in 1990. It is mostly known for having been the place where the poetess and winner of the Nobel Prize Gabriela Mistral lived during her childhood.

Vicuña Square

The city is known as the capital of the Elqui Valley and the Chilean pisco, as well as being the birthplace of the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945 and where she received her firsts years of education.

Vicuña Grabriela Mistral Museum

Museum located in Vicuña, which opened its doors on November 13, 1971. The mission of tthe museum its to conserve the life testimony and the work of Gabriela Mistral.

Entomological museum

Chile's largest private collection of insects. Fossils, butterflies, beetles, conches, birds of the valley and tropical and Latin American.

Gabriela Mistral monument


Pisco Mistral distillery

The distillery is located in front of Pisco Elqui Square in an environment of narrow streets, old typical houses and a colorfull and relaxed atmosphere. Also its house respects the original construction of the old house made of adobe. http://www.destileriapiscomistral.cl/home/

Pisco Elqui Square

A Chilean town located in the interior of the Elqui Valley, near 1300 meters above sea level, within the Paihuano commune. It is located 107 km east of La Serena, the regional capital. It is one of the main tourist destinations of the Elqui Valley, and its history is closely linked with the origin and production of Chilean pisco.

Artisan Village of 'Horcón'

Surrounded by hills, with a river where you can take a bath and rest from the summer sun, you will find the artisan village of Horcón. Located a few kilometers ahead of Pisco Elqui, towards the town of Alcohuaz, this art center is located, the most important of all the Elqui Valley. You can find half a hundred artisans, artists, goldsmiths, painters and furniture manufacturers. All the art is mostly made from local materials or based on the rich local culture. There is a small restaurant and is open every day of the year. On weekends there is music and cultural events.

Alcohuaz vineyards

Alcohuaz vineyard, with 2.200 metres above sea level, and located in Elqui Valley, is the highest comercial vineyard in Chile. Here you can find wines from diferents varieties like Malbec, Garnacha and Syrah. http://vdalcohuaz.cl/web/