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near Pýlos, Peloponnese (Greece)

This is the round trip of Sfaktiria. Heading from the port of Pylos, to Sfaktiria island west coast, to Voidokilia beach and returning to Pylos port from east coast of Sfaktiria.
Sfaktiria consists of two islands. The small one is the most interesting one with gorgeous caves and natural bridge like passages. The big one only has a few caves on the south coast. The west coast of the big Sfaktiria island is exposed to an open sea which might lead to tricky waters. Caution to the choice of the weather of this trip while passing at this side is advised! The west coast of big Sfaktiria island is not so interesting and can be skipped for this reason or also for the dangerous waters it withholds. In the gulf of Pylos a naval battle of Navarino took place on 20 October 1827 where allied forces from Britain, France, and Russia decisively defeated Ottoman and Egyptian forces during the Greek war for independence therefore small Sfactiria island houses the memorial of the dead on behalf of the French forces and the island of big Sfactiria houses the memorial for the Russian fallen soldiers. Access to both memorials is on the east coastline of both islands.
Enjoy and keep in mind that when coming up to natural wild life (like the iguana in the picture) we have to respect its write to leave in peace in the nature and we always have to be careful in our conduct with it as it may be dangerous!

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