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Time  3 hours 25 minutes

Coordinates 525

Uploaded 2018年6月26日

Recorded 五月 2018

412 m
369 m
5.59 nm

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near Délta, East Macedonia and Thrace (Greece)

You need an off-road vehicle to reach the launch point or a normal vehicle plus 30 minutes walking carrying your kayak and gear. The first part up to the "Bird Meadow!" wild camping ground is the most exciting one because it has some rapids of class I or II. Be prepared for that. The second half, after the "Bird Meadow!", becomes part of the lake that is formed due to the Thisavros Dam. There is no flow there, so you will not be moving, if you don't paddle.

The "Fairy Meadow!!!" is an amazing grassy spot for pic-nic or wild camping!

The exit point can be reached by any vehicle but don't park it too close to the water because the lake's level can be raised!

This part of Nestos River is my favourite because it is the most remote and quiet, having a wild atmosphere. It is not too difficult but not boring either!

This was done in mid-May 2018 on an inflatable kayak Sevylor Yukon. It took us 3 to 4 hours at a very relaxed pace.
That's a nice place too for pic-nic or wild camping and it is frequented by birds.
Here you can exit the river.
Amazing spot for pic-nic or wild camping!
You can launch your kayak here.
Wild camping spot in the forest, on the way to the river.


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