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13.75 km

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邻近 Lincun, Zhejiang Sheng (China)


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  • naomilucies 2018-11-11

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    The trail is quite straightforward at the beginning once you find the entrance, it follows along the river slowly heading uphill. Near the beginning if you see a trail that scrambles up the hill to your right (north) don't take it, continue along the river.

    You will then get to an area that's very overgrown, I was crawling under branches and had to push my way through. The path is a bit hard to see (or maybe I went the wrong way), but it's only a short area and then you end up in a clearing.

    Go directly across the clearing. Look for a small pond on the other side, I found the trail on the north (right) side of the pond.

    It goes uphill until you get to a ridge where the trail is hard to see. Go west (right) along the ridge and it follows it for a while. You will start to find old ribbons on the trees showing where the path is. There's one section after you've gone down, up and then down again where you make a sharp left to the south (I accidently went straight and followed what looked like a path up the hill). Keep an eye out for it.
    If you lose the ribbons you're not on the path, since I followed it all the way to the main path.

    After that the trail is paved and very easy to find. Take a stick to remove the cobwebs since no one had been there for a while before me and they were huge!

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