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"Huaqiangbei" is the Chinese name for this electronics area. It's apparently the place to go for deals on computers, power bars, mobile phones, parts, and all electronic things. for example, a top Huawei power bar was $25 Canadian and a unrecognised Chinese brand around $14 Cdn (March 2019). These might be bargained lower. Remember limits to # of power bar carry ons for aircraft boarding, and other restrictions.

The multilevel SEG E-Market is located near the subway exit and has everything in one place. There are also hundreds of smaller street level shops. Farther south there are fashion and clothing areas,with a large mall featuring Western mane brands, and a nearby Chinese clothing mall with traditional small shop interior.

There is a Chinese fast food court, and the Western fast food outlets are also evident along the main pedestrian walk.

The track accesses the area from The Metro Line 1(dark green line, Huaqiang Road Station, Exit A. and exits from the Huaqiang North Metro Commercial Street (access to Metro Lines 2, 3, and 7).
This is a 4 or 5 floor mall of small electronics vendors. Computers, laptops all major brands are on the upper floors. All the accessories from printers to power bars are easily found. Specialised commercial technology, even bitcoin mining equipment was seen.
Smaller street level electronics shops, most major brands. One of the entrances to Huaqiang North Metro Commercial Street Metro (Lines 2, 3, 7) is near here.
Here all the shops specialise in Chinese fast food. Western fast food outlets are mainly along the main pedestrian walk.
A multi level Chinese clothing mall. The interior has the traditional small shop layout common in China.
Signs for the major western fashion brands along the street level. Another entrance to Metro Lines 2, 3, and 7 in this area.
An additional Metro entrance at the far north end of the shopping street, from here there is an wide motorcycle-free underground walkway back to the central metro station, handy if its raining.


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